Ancestral Guidance Reading (in-person)

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Using the world's first, Adinkra Ancestral Guidance cards, the creator of the deck - Simone Bresi-Ando will give intuitive readings based on the guidance and messages from your ancestors that come through the cards to answer questions you pose.   Cartomancy is the act of divination via cards. Divination is a means to find out by intuition, magic or inspiration - to foresee events.
Ancestral Guidance Readings with Simone Bresi-Ando
Within an in-person, 30 minute session at HealHaus in Brooklyn, NY - Simone will help you make sense and clarify the guidance the cards give.

Simone is a long-time user of cartomancy as a divination tool and 
started her Bresi-Ando Tools For Living brand in 2017, to create a 
space in the market for spiritual tools and practices centered within a West African context. The products are geared to help the user make sense, overcome, heal and thrive at life, by reconnecting with their ancestors, deepening their intuition and teaching processes to help them manifest their desires.

Popular topics to receive guidance on are:

- Love
- Work / Business
- Money
- Health
- Family
- Purpose
Please note:
  • Appointments are 30 minutes in duration
  • All appointments will take place at HealHaus, 1082 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238 on Sundays between 12noon - 6pm until further notice
  • Appointments are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email and the date and time has been agreed upon
  • Walk-in appointments are welcome but beware that if not pre-booked, there's a possibility a session may not be available
  • Cancellation without 48 hour prior notice are chargeable