About Us

Bresi-Ando Tools For Living™ is a brand concept developed by Simone Bresi-Ando, PR expert, social commentator and female empowerment activist.

The products centre around a playbook concept which gives you ‘tools for life’ that help you get through the everyday twists and turns a little easier while harnessing everything you already have, to get what you want.

The brand’s first offering is the Adinkra Intention Candles™ range. 
Adinkra is an ancient, visual, philosophy-based, communication system of the Akan people of Ghana and Gyaman people of Côte d’Ivoire which provide life lessons, guidance and tools for survival. The application of the Adinkra philosophy is so powerful in this form is because fire is the element of transformation. By burning a candle, we seek to harness that transformational power and through using our intentions, we can manifest a situation of our choosing, beneficial to our cause.


A percentage of profits from candle sales will go towards the I’mPOSSIBLE Girl summit which is a day of practical and thought-provoking workshops that serve high school girls, giving them impactful tools to live their POSSIBLE lives.