Trio of Adinkra Scented Candles - Clarity, Love and Purge

The perfect gift set for someone special or simply yourself!

- our CLARIFY candle, scented with charismatic Rose Oudh is a floral take on the woody and sensual aroma of Oudh. Powered by the 'Kojo Baiden' Adinkra symbol, this candle's aroma quickly pulls you back to center in a calming and direct way.

- our LOVE candle is filled with the aroma of the fruit Fig. A sweet, earthy, fresh and inviting scent that conjures up memories of warm hugs, welcoming smiles and safety. Powered by the 'Duafe' Adinkra symbol, this candle is oozing emotion and will help you manifest any type of love you desire.

- our PURGE candle, scented with Santal (from Sandalwood), the very high vibrating wood known for purifying spaces, energies and things. A woody scent that ignites new thoughts, new dreams and new ways. Powered by the 'Mmusuyidee' Adinkra symbol, this candle's aroma relaxes your heart and throat chakras, helps to conjure beneficial spirits as well as clears stagnant energy.


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